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Originally Posted by Flo1989 View Post
A bit off topic but what WMI kit are you running? I’m highly considering Snow Performances kit for this summer. Regardless of your kit, have you been happy with the results of running meth?
I've been using the AEM kit with a 2 gallon tank. Couldn't have been more happier with the results. E85 is only available at 1 gas station within 50 miles from my house so going methanol for me was a no brainer.

Originally Posted by AlpineKing View Post
This isn't meant to be a "a-hole" comment, but after spending all of that money and quality upgrades, why wouldn't you run it on a dyno? I would want to see specifically how the packages perform and if there are any adjustments that can make the tunes even better.
I'd love too but I just don't have enough time to get a dyno after every upgrade between work 7 days a week and family. Everything was installed by myself in my garage, 1 part at a time over the course of a year or so. Had I upgraded everything at once, then a dyno would make more sense. Didn't really have an interest in chasing the highest numbers possible. I just did it to have fun and learn a thing or two in the process. With that said my last dyno was in the 730's for torque and whp.

Originally Posted by Reggie_2005 View Post
man that sounds dope! how does the IPE exhaust sound?

i decided do the turbos last after upgrading everything else. I want start with the Meisterschaft exhaust first, then Dyno it with the intake i already have on.

i'm definitely gonna do the SSP clutch after that. then throw the CSF intercoolers on, Dyno again.

At this point, however, is where i get hung up on. I'm really interested in the Bootmod3 tune, especially due to the ease of changing maps and such. However, I'm struggling with doing the flash tune first or just buying the Turbo kit first.

Here's why: if i do anything with the turbos, i want the 12k Weistec kit simply because its new turbos. so if anything happens, at least i still have the stock turbos to fall back on, rather than taking off the turbos, sending them in, putting them back on, and if something happens having to start from scratch.

i understand if anything happens like that, we're talking a new motor or rebuild. but again, rather already have the stock turbos to fall back on than buying literally everything from the jump.

the issue is that from my limited understanding and research, having that much power requires forging the engine? piston, rods, etc. i like the the fact that all of these mods are bolt on and i get to screw up everything in the garage on my own, but engine internals is something i'm sure is well beyond my capabilities in a home garage.

it's like...i want to be reckless...but not uber reckless. its weird i know but i hope you understand what i mean.

so i want to make the turbos last and just see if i like the ECU flash with all the other mods done. and if not, then i'll go all in.

Weistec seems to be the only company that offers a full turbo kit, and everybody else just offers turbo upgrades. it's odd because they offer those kits but i have seen next to nothing with anybody reviewing them.

that by itself is why i'm hesitant. i don't mind trying something different and failing. but the lack of info from BMW enthusiast with the company overall seems to be a red flag for me.
Originally Posted by Reggie_2005 View Post
i want it to be a beast, but a beast that i got to put together. only thing i want somebody else touching is a vinyl wrap and maybe the carbon fiber aero's.
Totally feel you man! I am the exact same way. I gain all my knowledge from the forums and try to avoid having someone else do things I could learn on my own.

The IPE exhaust sounds absolutely brutal especially with catless downpipes, I love it. I took a bit of a gamble on them as there are very few videos available online. The few that are posted are either recorded indoors or under overpasses.

I see your login with the turbos, however I wouldn't be too concerned with having an extra set to fall back on. Stock we run 2 MGT2260DSL Honeywell-Garret turbos manufactured in China. I had sourced a brand new pair from a direct distributor in China online for around 1k. Those are the turbos I had Pure Upgrade. I can send you the link if your interested.

In terms of the motor from what I understand, most of our internal engine components minus the pistons are forged from factory and can handle up to 1000 crank horsepower assuming your transmission can handle the torque. I haven't had any issues however I also have a very difficult time getting any traction.

Keep us posted on your progress!