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Originally Posted by m6NYC View Post
I would highly recommend upgrading your turbos if your looking to be in the 750+ HP and torque range. I went with Pure Turbos and SSP clutches but I did look into Weistec and a few other smaller companies offering builds but they were expensive and had no reviews. I ended up purchasing a Titanium IPE exhaust along IPE titanium downpipes then DME Stage 2 with methanol, upgraded fuel pumps and a few other goodies. Haven't dynoed her since but I am very satisfied with the end result.
man that sounds dope! how does the IPE exhaust sound?

i decided do the turbos last after upgrading everything else. I want start with the Meisterschaft exhaust first, then Dyno it with the intake i already have on.

i'm definitely gonna do the SSP clutch after that. then throw the CSF intercoolers on, Dyno again.

At this point, however, is where i get hung up on. I'm really interested in the Bootmod3 tune, especially due to the ease of changing maps and such. However, I'm struggling with doing the flash tune first or just buying the Turbo kit first.

Here's why: if i do anything with the turbos, i want the 12k Weistec kit simply because its new turbos. so if anything happens, at least i still have the stock turbos to fall back on, rather than taking off the turbos, sending them in, putting them back on, and if something happens having to start from scratch.

i understand if anything happens like that, we're talking a new motor or rebuild. but again, rather already have the stock turbos to fall back on than buying literally everything from the jump.

the issue is that from my limited understanding and research, having that much power requires forging the engine? piston, rods, etc. i like the the fact that all of these mods are bolt on and i get to screw up everything in the garage on my own, but engine internals is something i'm sure is well beyond my capabilities in a home garage.

it's like...i want to be reckless...but not uber reckless. its weird i know but i hope you understand what i mean.

so i want to make the turbos last and just see if i like the ECU flash with all the other mods done. and if not, then i'll go all in.

Weistec seems to be the only company that offers a full turbo kit, and everybody else just offers turbo upgrades. it's odd because they offer those kits but i have seen next to nothing with anybody reviewing them.

that by itself is why i'm hesitant. i don't mind trying something different and failing. but the lack of info from bmw enthusiast with the company overall seems to be a red flag for me.
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