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Originally Posted by Reggie_2005 View Post
So I’ve been hesitant to due any sort of major performance mods due to the fact that I live in Northeast Ohio and I’m having a hard time telling the difference between the roads here and the roads in a war-torn country, but I finally decided I want to build a beast (pandemic Boredomdom, if you will).

I’ve seen a lot of guys talking about Bootmod3 and other ECU tuning and such, but I haven’t really seen anybody talking about going all in doing a full turbo swap.

I’ve done a lot of research on the variety of tuners out there, but other than the Mercedes guys, Seems to be a lack of Bimmer guys going with Weistec. There seem to be the only ones that have a full complete turbo upgrade, and also their own ECU tune as well.

I have a GruppeM intake and want to combine the turbo upgrades with an exhaust system, simply because I know the Weistec upgrades come with their own downpipes, so might as well knock it out all at once. This is a project I’m willing to go all in on, with upgrading the clutch and everything.

Should I stay away from them and just go with the ECU flashes and other simple upgrades? What’s the reason you have or haven’t gone with Weistec?

The S63TU engine itself isn’t difficult to work on, just tedious. But I have nothing but time.

Again, just wondering what you guys think of their products and why y’all decided to do mods other than upgrades turbos.
I would highly recommend upgrading your turbos if your looking to be in the 750+ HP and torque range. I went with Pure Turbos and SSP clutches but I did look into Weistec and a few other smaller companies offering builds but they were expensive and had no reviews. I ended up purchasing a Titanium IPE exhaust along IPE titanium downpipes then DME Stage 2 with methanol, upgraded fuel pumps and a few other goodies. Haven't dynoed her since but I am very satisfied with the end result.