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M6 convertible - Sakhir Orange?

Hi Guys,

So heres a quick teaser for all you M6 forum members based in the UK!!

Has anyone ever seen an F12 M6 convertible driving around in the UK in Sakhir Orange? Autotrader has several coupes for sale in SO but Ive never seen and convertibles.

Im on the lookout for a decent M6 convertible and whilst the San Marino Blue is a nice colour the SO just looks amazing. The only ones you tend to see on Autotrader are the blue ones or white ones (which I find a bit surprising).

Toyed with a coupe instead so I can get the colour, but having an e93 at the mo, the lure of a topless V8 is very strong!!

Cant say ive ever seen one driving around. Id be happy to wait for a SO one to come up but I'm thinking I might just be peeing in the wind?

Too much of a unicorn maybe?

Cheers guys