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Originally Posted by DC F97 View Post
all fun and games until one of your dogs has a stomach ache and craps in the kitchen while roomba is running.

i came downstairs at 11pm to a treasure trove of WTFFFFFFF.

fortunatley it was contained to a small part of the kitchen... cleaned the floors for about 30 minutes.. scanning for crap... cleaning crap...

then it took me abt 3.5 hours to thoroughly clean the roomba itself. fortunatley i had a box of replacement parts (rollers.. filters.. brushes.. etc) so i was able to toss most of the parts. it was cleaning and disinfecting the innards that was a pain in my ass. i was tempted to just throw out the vacumn.. but i spent almost 600 bucks on it.. couldn't give up that easily...

i've never used so many clorox wipes, toothpicks.. qtips... tissues, napkins... in my entire life up until that point
So I thought somebody has to have a video and sure enough theres a bunch....