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Arrow in the YouTube comments...

Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
OMG what a story, what a crash.
Ok, 200kph+ blind corners is of course a risk.
Grüne Hölle is after all an earned reputation.

Not parking before but after a crash is a good advice though. At one moment you think you're helping by warning others, the next moment you see your car being torpedoed by a red GT3RS at high speed. I wonder how insurance companies are going to solve this one... (probably in their own interest )
In Germany(Europe), it is always the car from behind who pays... this accident's damages was around ~1.5 Million euros in damages. The cause of the accident was from another Porsche who leaked coolant onto the track... that car had been inspected by a Porsche dealer just before the guy went to the 'Ring... so that dealer is also on the hook for damages. I'm sure it will be in the legal systems for years. At least no one was killed.

You can read in the comments in his YT link...

3 hours ago
can you please explain who did insurance went after for the damage? the guy who lost his coolant? was he responsible?
GT3 driver wrote...
sebastian vittel
2 hours ago
That is a very nice question ;-)
The insurance of each car pay their customer (that was my case, because i haved full insurance recovery include on track) after it depend of each contract, of the warranty included etc...
After that made and because 15 cars was involved in the accident and the total cost of the accident is close to 1.5million € they will do some expert investigation during this year to get the percent of fault of each driver (for exemple me 20%, the coolant porsche 50%, the audi tt 10% etc and they will attack each other on this way to reduce the cost for each insurance company
If for exemple the porsche who loosed the coolant was not correctly checked by the dealer and has one defect on the coolant flexible, the insurance of this porsche will need to pay more percent, 80% instead 50%, depend of the investigation

Kind of ironic the GT3 driver's user name! lol

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