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While I accept there is a place in the market for the M5. The M6 GC is a huge wate of sheet metal.

It offers no difference from the M5, costs more and will sell 1/10th the volume.

All this big talk of faster, lighter, pinnacle of design, blah blah is just rubbish.

Its fat, heavy, long and ugly. I challenge all the fanboys to lay down their cash and buy one first.

M5 is nicer car in ever way and is over $10 000 cheaper.

Is the M6 GC exclusive, I'll give you that.

A labotomy is pretty exclusive too.

BMW has lost their way and every new lost design coming out proves it. Next the 3GC, X4, 2 series, X7, M7 Series....

Sad for a car maker with such a great past of motorsport design and history. Its a great marketing company now, just like Apple....