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Originally Posted by ///MPhatic View Post
This is a $3000 body for $800 and change. I'd call about the shutter count.
Cameras depreciate faster than cars do. I buy all my photo equipment at KEH for over 20 years. Their EX+ grade is usually 'like new' compared to other resellers.

The Cannon G1/3/5 X models are a good place to begin for hi quality all in ones with much larger than Point n Shoot or Iphone camera image sensors.

Sony is putting out some amazing prosumer all in ones too.
These all have larger than typical sensors, though not as large as full frame SLR's.

One other thing--the best camera is the one you have with you.
If you go the SLR route, they are big and heavy to carry around.

If you must have an interchangable lens camera, consider the Fuji XT-1/2/3/4... The XT 1 and 2 are amazing for the money right now.
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