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I would honestly say both. I want to start at pic 1 and as I gain experience eventually start to take more pictures like pic 2. I have read depth of field is very important in car photography. What would you recommend for a setup for pic 1? Thanks.
First, I'd recommend you go with a used full frame Nikon D800/810 or Canon 5DMKII instead of a Sony. Sony might be light and mirrorless, but the digital interface leaves much to be desired, as does the lens selection. With camera bodies the shutter-count is like miles on a car. Most newer bodies are rated for 200,000 actuations, so buying one with less than 10,000 is where you want to be, or 25,000 if you have to.

For your lens you're going to have a lot of people recommend you start with the 50mm f1.8, or the "nifty fifty" or "thrifty fifty" as some call it. The price is great, but the focal length is a bit too long for automotive photography IMO. I'd recommend for all your short shots you get a 35/1.8...again, used, from somewhere reputable like KEH.

For the long lens look you're going to need that long lens, no way to escape it, and for that depth of field, a constant aperture of 2.8. I'm not a fan of zooms, so my recommendation is the Nikkor 180mm f2.8...again, used.

The combination of a full frame body, like the D800, paired with the 35/1.8 & 180/2.8 is a bargain buster used, and will allow you to take most every kind of automotive shot you need.
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it and it's a good starting point.
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