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I like my rare ones as well. I'm undecided which route I'm going to go as far as color, DCT vs Manual, etc... I get pretty inpatient but the right one always seems to pop up at the right time. This will be my 7th car in 17 months and 34th since I was 16, I'm 34 now. The search is nothing new to me hahaha

My LJR is extremely rare in midnight blue pearl coat on dark khaki hardtop/soft top on tan cloth. I've rebuilt just about everything and it's so great to drive.

I can spam my own thread, right?!
So for my 2nd time around to the E9x M3 ownership, I'll look for:

CF Roof
speed cloth
no navigation
no EDC

I'll take a E90 too.

This was my old car. I should have never sold it.
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CarGurus, Autotrader and FB Marketplace.
What service did the buyer find you through?

Ironically I'm also considering a 991.1 S. I do have a 1 year old daughter that I sometime pick up on my early work days so I might shy away from one. I've been considering renting one on turo for a couple days to see how livable it is and I could always grab the Jeep to pick her up. I've seen people remove the rear seat back to gain more room as well.

I'm also torn between an E90/2. I used to think the E90 was more attractive but in the right combo, an E92 but looks the part. Funny thing is everyone asks about the power and going backwards in performance. Coworkers and friends, they all ask my that daily. I tell them the same story of when I almost sold my E90 for a 997.2 S. I went and tear drove one, never really drove it hard but what a car. Then I hopped in my E90, took the on ramp which was a circle, and it immediately put a smile on my face. The E9x M3 is so confidence inspiring and predictable. It took time to get comfortable but once you did, the smiles were everyday. This is mainly why I'm saying away from the F80. Whole they are beautiful, I never hear they are confidence inspiring, they sound like crap and have gobs of torque that comes on rather quickly which could get you in trouble. I'd also like to rent one of these just for comparison. If I could take over a lease for less than 12 months, that also might be a good idea
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