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Originally Posted by Dog Face Pony Soldier View Post
There's that "deal with it" attitude I mentioned, except it's re-phrased on the belief in some technology that either doesn't exist, or hasn't ever been implemented on any grand scale yet. The selfishness and arrogance is disgusting IMO. There's millions and millions of people that would be negatively impacted by getting pushed into a new and expensive technology.
Huh? I am very confused by your comment as it doesn't align with my post at all. Maybe a misquote?

If it wasn't. What do you mean by people being negatively impacted and forced into new and expensive technology?

Currently, it EV technology can be cheaper than ICE depending on incentives. My 530e was cheaper than a 530i by almost $6K due to Federal EV Tax Rebate. That doesn't include some state incentives like NJ where EVs aren't subject to sales tax either. This is all in 2021 where it isn't always true that the EV is more expensive. But this varies by vehicle and by individual consumer reality (not all buyers can fully take advantage of the tax credit and not all live in NJ etc). This is all top line costs we're discussing here which excludes stuff like reduced brake wear due to regenerative braking and etc to help soften ongoing maintenance costs.

Even with all of the above being said. New car buyers are a smaller subset fo the market. The majority of car buyers are buying used cars which are in no way affected by these changes (at least in the US). The constitution protects cars that were legal on the day they were sold so you'll see ICE cars in the used market for many years to come and they'll still be very affordable for those buying used cars in all forms for many years to come as well.
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