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Remember too, the current E class coupe and convertible are sort of quasi-E class citizens. They are still based on a C/E mashup like the CLK was to my knowledge, and so they are actually a bit smaller than the E class sedan and thus also smaller than the 6 series. This is why Mercedes has priced them below the E class sedan for an equivalent model designation. This situation has sort of forced Mercedes to price the CLS down a bit so as not to leave this huge gap that they must explain away when trying to pitch the CLS value equation. It also means that the new C coupe and E coupe are now bumping into each other from a segmentation perspective.

BMW, on the other hand, roped people into paying a large premium for the 6 when it debuted last generation, not least by providing some very distinctive (if controversial) styling vs. it's sedan sibling. This allows BMW to position the 6 Gran Coupe where Mercedes can only dream of with the CLS. They offer a V8 model at the price of the BMW 6 cylinder, but don't think this is out of pure charity - they will rectify this as soon as they are able. We could mention Audi as well with no large coupe or convertible at all to bracket the A7/S7.

In a few years when the next E class is revealed, expect the E coupe and convertible to break out a bit (though probably still very conservative), sit on the E platform, grow in size, and command higher prices. This will then allow them to apply a higher premium to the CLS as well.

My point here is that the BMW 6 series range looks a bit steep now, but it has been this way against the E coupe/cab and CLK before it, so nothing is new with the 6 GC. And, in conjunction, don't expect to see Mercedes sit back now that they have the entry C coupe and just let the E class lineup (incl. CLS) sit down market.
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