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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
You can always find 10 people who will complain about anything. But the truth is you don't buy any of these cars-Astons/Bentleys for reliability- so arguing this point is over for me....
If you know people that are not happy with their Astons, Bentleys, etc. because of reliability than perhaps they should be considering different cars because those Marques have never been about reliability or maintenance.

As to the other point if you actually read my post I mentioned a USED Aston vs an M6 as a comparison- not a new one...

Ok, show me where I wrote they were unhappy with the reliability of their Astons or Bentleys.....
Therefore, I am not arguing and definitely not arguing about unhappy customer reliability.

I only asked you was a simple question about a statement you made that you still haven't answered...
No need for unpleasantries and no need to get mad, I don't mean any hostile disrespect. If you don't want to answer the question than just say so and we move on.
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