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I missed this
The apeture often controls the Depth of Field...DoF. DoF, basically, is what is in focus in the picture; a shallow DoF means the closer objects are in focus and the background is blurry...a larger DoF means to more of the picture is in focus. The lower the apeture (lower number/larger opening) the more shallow the DoF/the closer objects are in focus and the background is blurry. The higher the apeture (higher number/smaller opening) the more the entire picture is in focus.
That's not entirely true.

You can focus on anything you chose, even with a wide open aperture. The depth of field is relative to the distance of the object focused upon to the focal plane. You could have something way off in the distance in focus, and something up close could be out of focus. However, when most people talk about depth of field, they are talking about having something up close in focus and something in the background out of focus.

I might re-write the bolded section to say
fewer objects will be in focus, with either the foreground or background being blurry

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