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Originally Posted by m6NYC View Post
Originally Posted by Msparta View Post
Maybe I spoke too soon! Engine light came back and the error is coming back as the same ...

Any ideas after replacing the oxygen censor on bank 2, upstream (pre cat)? Unless I replaced the wrong one?!

US left hand drive - specifically replaced the driver side front most censor - assuming that's the correct one based on the error bimmerlink is reporting...

Any help is appreciated
I think the pre and post o2 sensors are unique with different part numbers. Maybe double check if the correct part was ordered? Seems like you replaced the correct sensor.
Thx, yeah I was careful to make sure I replaced the exact sensor I took out... I went ahead and cleared the engine light error a second time and it's been a day or so without any engine light coming back... crossing fingers but my gut tells me I'll see this light pop back on again lmao!
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