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Originally Posted by lifesgud2 View Post
These "claims" of feel really dont mean a whole lot without dyno numbers. Dinan is notorious for claiming false numbers. Im happy to hear that you are happy, but we really need before and after dyno numbers. I am thinking of doing stage 2 as well, but will def get the car on a dyno before.
My post was not to convince people of buying Dinan products. I thought on this forum people share their experiences. I was sharing mine because prior to buying my 6 series i searched the web, youtube, etc to look for videos or people who had a great experience.. i found zero so i just went with it...I keep my cars less then 12 to 13 months so this cost was a thrill for me.. and yes it feels faster. I can careless what a dyno number says. I am not driving a high powered Supra, or GTR making over 1000hp like it matters or going to the Texas mile. Its a simple daily driving 650i... even with the Stg 2, I wont be winning races against heavily modded cars. The Stg 2 adds the extra kick I wanted.. it satisfies me. So if people want to read something good like I did prior to my install they are welcome to message me.

I am not a rookie, and this is not my first fast car. My choices were going to either be the CLS63, which I would of purchased the Renntech Tune, or the 650i with Dinan. Bmw offered more for my trade.. so I chose the 650i. The car has kick.. but I DID expect much more from the tune. I was expecting it to be blazing fast. Maybe I am just spoiled and have driven very high powered cars which is the feel I was hoping for. I doubt the car will keep up with modded cars in the high end 100+ (997 Turbo, Z06, GTR).. but again its 0-80, and slamming on the gas does give it kick. My 750i was very slow, which is why I wanted something faster with extra power, and Dinan delivered for me. If anyone can recommend a dyno place in Houston I donít mind checking out the numbers.

Mind you the car is turbo.. And I am in Houston, and currently the temp is 100 degrees during the day, everyday.. All of you who live in cooler climates will probably feel more boost. I canít wait until Fall and cool morning starts.