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Originally Posted by Judah View Post
What would those who have $100k to "blow" on an automobile be looking at ?
Obviously you feel the "BMW" brand shares the same cachet as say Porsche does.

It does not, at least not here in SoCal.

So yes, a 110K for a 6 cyl BMW Gran Coupe is asking more than what I think most buyers around HERE are willing to spend.

Oh, and if you actually read my previous post you would realize I was stating that you cannot compare a car that has been out for years (the R8) being unsold on lots to a brand new introduced car that is sitting on lots unsold.

Read all the posts Judah, no one is saying the 6GC is not a hot car. What they ARE saying is it is probably overpriced and the market could very well have a hard time bearing it at that price.

I would be more than willing to bet they will have to start incentivizing the
the GC soon if they want to move the number of units that BMW is used to moving in order to be on track for number one lux brand in the US this year.

Oh and yes I do know how to spell Kool-Aid. I spelled it correctly for how it is spelled here in the U.S.

I also know where the term came from. So please do your homework next time sir.....
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