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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
What models of CLS are available in Panama?

Here in the states we get only the CLS550, but I believe MB offers the CLS with smaller engines in other markets (could be wrong). So I was wondering about which model is the 75/80k pricing for in Panama?

If it's a CLS550, that's the same as we pay in the states, or close enough. Wow if that's true, what a disparity - $130k for a 640i GC?!?!?! Now THAT is insanity, especially with the other pricing being so similar across the two markets.
the a7 is the 3.0 supercharged with 310hp (75k)... and the cls is the 350 that cost around 80k... i think the cls350 comes with a v6 with 306hp(not sure)... nevertheless if the 640GC has around 315hp, i think it is fair to compare then all... and the difference in price is abismal... dont know what bmw is thinking there...

i fell in love with the GC when i first saw it in bmw dealership... but the love was over the moment i saw the price... would never pay 130k in the GC if i can have the a7 or cls350 for 80k...

and people can say that the GC is aiming the panamera, but for me it just doesn´t feel this way... i would compare a pana turbo with a rapid or something like that... not the GC...
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