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Originally Posted by hugo_nz View Post
If the problem exists on the same cylinder then that's would indicate the injector is the problem. Were the Index12 injectors replaced by a BMW dealer? Injector replacement requires precise calibration with ISTA in order for the injectors to function 100%.
Injectors were replaced by previous owner. I replaced one injector on cylinder 2 wtih index12 myself, coded it with ISTA, and also did injection quanitity compensation. Also I've switched injector 2 and 3 (with new seals ofc), and problem stayed on cylinder 2.

Also, one thing I've noticed - numbers on injectors ale slightly different than the one in ISTA like 593193 is changed to 592192 - I've checked all the numbers, then coded them, and few of those were changed like this by ISTA. is it normal?