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Question 2012 650I missfire

Hi, everyone.

I have problem with my 2012 650i, n63 engine.
Injectors were replaced for index 12s, a year ago by the previous owner, after a while car started throwing DMF and codes, missfire on cylinder 2, it was running a little bit uneven, i could feel little missfires under acceleration.
I replaced spark plugs, then changed coils, it did not help, so i've checked the compression, it was fine so i've bought a new injector (also index 12), i've installed it with brand new seal and coded it.
Car ran perfectly, no codes, smooth under full throtle, basically the issue was gone. Yesterday, i came back from to home, parked the car in garrage, and check engine light appeared.

DTC- 140201 - Cylinder 2 misfire detected: cylinder injection cut out.
DTC -142002 - Misfiring: tank level too low

The car was low on fuel (like 30-40km of range left), but would it be a reason to throw this code? What may be the issue?

The only thing that comes to my mind, is decoupling element on injector 2, i forgot to order it, and used the old one. Is it that important?

Second thing, when i took second injector out, i've noticed it had a little bit of play from left to right, when i've unscrewed it. Also the metal fuel line that goes directly to injector from underneath, i felt like it was a little bit loose (i could turn it a few deegres, with a little bit of force). Should it be like that?

I'll be glad for every advice.
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