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Reviving this post because I'm in the need for the plastic trim inside the cup holder with the usb socket for other purpose (i have a controller in the car connected through usb into my laptop, and i would like to have a female socket right there for when I need)

Anyone found the p/n of the plastic bezel?
The standard one w/o the usb port is 51169227718

Put this p/n in google and only shows me replacement, but no results in realoem.
Looks like the bezel have its own code but is not selled as one piece, instead they sell the complete cup holder assembly with the bezel inside.

I would hack mine but I'm not sure if the socket would fit (the new plastic trim is a little bit recessed to accommodate the socket as shown in the pic by the OP)

Edit: i think this is the p/n for the cup holder assembly with the usb port 51169383503

But not much infos on-line

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