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This is where I become the ruiner. I get paid to reverse engineer pretty much everything.....and I watch a lot of crime/murder shows.

First, no sliding of the hand imprints? Especially with no forward and/or backward movement? Considering these hands were used for stability/anchor points, there should be disturbances in the snow surrounding the hand prints.

Number B. No foot prints leading up to the foot prints embedded in the fresh snow? Also no disturbance of surrounding snow here. This is where the most snow should be disturbed. Didn't move their feet, either of them, during the entire act?

Thirdly, I highly doubt that The Penguin would be able to achieve such a feat due to nothing more than the inability to...."reach his intended destination" because of his short stature. Yes, it had to be The Penguin.....who the hell would take a stance like that unless......yes, the picture is fake; therefore after the set up, it was indeed a very short story.
a true the untrained eye like mine it is a sex the trained eye it is a crime scene.
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