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Originally Posted by itzjoker View Post
For all you guys running BM3, is your sport flap open in Sport/Sport+ mode and closed in comfort working?

I have a 2013 650i GC and this option is not working for my vehicle. I've gone back and forth with customer service (which has been excellent) trying to get this issue resolved for weeks and it still doesn't work as it should. This was one of the big reasons for going with BM3. Not a huge deal breaker but I'm a little disappointed since the license for our platform costs 2x the price for other BMWs with less than half the features. The Open/Close feature in Diagnostics doesn't even work for my vehicle. I know my flap works since I am able to control it through BimmerLink without any issues and it shouldn't interfere with how BM3 controls it when it is off.
U cant open or close the flap, its not electronic, it opens with exhaust pressure, its not like in 640i.
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