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Originally Posted by duyh View Post
In terms of direct competitors I believe it is as follows:

A3/1 Series

A4/3 Series/C Sedan

A5/4 Series/C Coupe

A5 Sport Back/4 Series GC

A6/5 Series/E Class

A7/6 Series GC/CLS Class

A8/7 Series/S Class

8 Series/CL Class


In terms of the 6 series coupe im not sure where that would fit in

To me it makes absolutely no sense to why BMW would offer the 6GC at such a subtantial mark up compared to its competitors. It seems as if BMW has become increasingly overpriced over the last couple of years. If you compare each of their models to its direct competitor BMW always ends up being the most expensive of the bunch.
I agree with those comparisons, but...

As a leader these days within the premium segment, BMW can charge premium for their products, more so than the competition imo.
Since the cars coming from BMW pretty much sets the bar these days, coming out on top in any test they participate in.
The sales figures speak it's own language as well.

So put the A7, CLS the GC and Panamera next to each other, the GC and Panamera is going to be the first choice, not so for the CLS and A7 imo.
Older and uglier, and let's face it, the GC and Panamera is much more premium.
If money is your object, buy a Hyundai or some other garbage.
The 6 GC is probably the most sensible car BMW have relased within the last decade imo.
Giving the brand more premium and money in.
They need to earn more bucks for each car, VAG have a bigger volume, and Benz more premium models, that's about to change, and the 6 GC is a hell of a start imo.
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