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2013 bmw f06 gc transmission issue

*first post -I've had My 2013 650i gran coupe for about a year now with absolutely no trans issues whatsoever and all of a sudden failure! The first time it happened I was turning left and went dead with barley any movement when hitting gas pedal while the engine revs normally. I immediately pulled over turned car off waited a minute and started , all back to normal . About a week later same thing happened while turning left and this time restarting wouldn't help at all . Got it towed home and started to assess the situation. I started car put it in gear (which shifts into gear normally) but car will barley move unless I give it a rolling start . It shifts into drive and reverse no problem but still no movement and when I try to put it in park it give me an error message saying I have to press brake to put it in park which I am but still won't unless I put it in neutral first and then park . Any advice from anyone here will surely be appreciated
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