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Slim-fit dress shirts, now that has become a real joke. I remember when they first came to my attention, and I sought them out. Nowadays, I can't figure out who even wear a regular fit shirt. I'm by no means slim thru the waist, and not really all that HE-UGE across the shoulders. But I'm still always trying to figure out how to best fold a section of shirt to keep from fluffing in the wind.
On the pants, at least since no public is allowed in the building, I no longer have to wear even business casual. I've found that Carhart jeans has a 35 waist. AHHHH, the gods have shown their pleasure at my nearly 40 years of lifting!! OK, I have to wear a belt, but at least my thighs don't itch at eh end of the day.

UNFORTUNATELY, the doc told me yesterday the most vigorous exercise I'm allowed to perform now is < 30 on an eliptical, but he strongly recommends simple walking. Yet when I discuss my continued pattern of high glucose (2-300 fasting) unless I take a significant extra bolus of insulin, he doesn't have an answer. Since WC, I'm electing to actually follow his instructions, for now.
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