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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Right the tough part is definitely mental when trying to gain. If you can get past that, eat like a freak, then you will grow, but unfortunately this growth is not limited to muscle. I've done cutting/bulking for years now, and have battled that time and time again. But at this point, and it has to do with my career as well, I feel like I am at a solid size professionally. If I start growing too much I don't like how my business clothes fit. I'm at this in-between size right now where a medium is much too small and a large can be baggy at times. This can be taken care of by wearing a large slim fit dress shirt, but to do so I need to keep my midsection lean. Such a pain in the ass lol. Don't even get me started on pants, need a 36 for the leg size but can probably fit in a 32. And before anyone asks no I'm not shelling out that much coin for a tailored suit lol.
I battle with the exact same issues, but on the lower end considering I got as small as I did. I bulk, my clothes don't fit, I cut, my clothes don't fit. Funny, about mid-way through my cut or bulk, they seem to fit a little better. Back when I wore a suit and tie everyday, I could completely relate to this. I'm glad they started making slim fit dress shirts more commonly available. I'm also right there with you on shirt sizes. I jokingly complain about no one making an Extra Medium
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