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Originally Posted by f136661 View Post
I am scoping out the same project for my 2014 650ix gran coupe. The part that has me confused is the piece that connects the new rear bumper cover part number 51128052677 to the underside of the car. I think it is part number 51127223162. Or is it part number 51128055373. ($1000.00) Is there a non carbon fiber piece?

I am ok with the mufflers. I see that M5 or M6 will do the trick.
You need two pieces to make the diffuser like mine above.

1) You are correct on part number 51128052677 ; ECS has an unpainted one:

The part is very common and you could probably find one on ebay or just a google search that is already painted.

mine was painted Alpine white already from another forum member that I purchased it from

2) You are correct again on the part number of 51128052677; ECS also has one for sale:

However, if you're going to do it I would highly encourage you not to get the factory black plastic piece above as you wont see it at all.

I would get a carbon piece or a something that you could actually notice

Here are some examples:

Expensive OEM piece:

Non OEM but same design:

One of cheapest i found:

Other idea:

Here is a 2pc non oem that would do both 1 and 2 above in carbon :

1 molded piece that would also do both 1 and 2 above:

other carbon ideas that may interest you to tie things together:

Mirror caps:

Side skirts:



These are just items that I've been watching in eBay and I cannot attest to the quality of all of these non OEM pieces.

My 2 pieces are OEM used from other forum members.

I would also suggest doing a search on the member classifieds or keeping an eye for what pops up other there. Also try Bimmerfest forums as that's where I got the rear center piece.

Good luck!
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