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I just finished reviewing the latest revision of the Retail Pricing Guide (effective July 1, 2013), which Jason just posted in the Sticky thread.

If I'm reading it all correctly, it seems that the standard-issue 433M (code 2PS) wheels are the default wheels for the M6 GC, even in the case of when ordering the ZCP Competition Package.

Furthermore, it seems that because the GC comes standard with 20" wheels (i.e. unlike the M6 Coupe and Convertible which are fitted standard with 19" wheels), the 343M (code 2NZ) wheels are a NC option on the GC irrespective of whether or not combined with ZCP (i.e. unlike the case of the M6 Coupe/Convertible where it costs $1,300 to opt for the 343M wheels as a standalone option when one DOES NOT order ZCP).

Again, because the GC comes standard with 20" wheels, it seems that a GC owner can even specify the just-released 601M (code 2TX) wheels as a NC standalone option, whereas the M6 Coupe/Convertible people can opt for 601M wheels ONLY in the case of ALSO ordering ZCP.

In fact, it seems that ZCP only costs $6,000 for the GC (i.e. vs $7,300 for the Coupe/Convertible) BECAUSE the GC is the only one of the three M6 iterations to come standard with the 20" wheels.

Am I correctly understanding everything???
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