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I am probably in the minority here, but for the approx. additional $15,000 cost for this package I have to question is it really worth it....?

Maybe I am missing something here, but I wonder how many potential M6 owners would really spend that additional money for what this package includes...???

For and extra 15-20 bhp? In the US, who really cares about top speed.... it is the acceleration ability of these vehicles that really counts and one can use and appreciate.

Over half of the people who purchase M6's do not get the approx. $9,000+ ceramic brakes option at that silly expensive additional cost. I appreciate the benefits of ceramic brakes, especially the reduced brake dust coating the wheels, but they do squeak when cold. I do not plan to track my M6 so these brakes are an expense that I cannot really justify.

I happen to like the current optional 20" wheels on the M6 and am not a fan of black colored wheels, (just my personal preference). The new style is nice but not preferable to my taste compared to the current optional 20"s.

The photo of the M6 at the beginning of this post appears to have the car lowered by at least 1 1/2 inches. It sort of looks overweight to me and not very attractive. I guess since my M6 will be a daily driver on some roads that are less than ideal, I do not want to sacrifice any suspension play or have to have a stiffer suspension to absorb ruts and pot holes that could damage the tires, wheels or worse. (Yeah, I know I sound like an older East Coast driver, but that is what I am.....)

I am in the camp that believes that BMW should just include most of these upgrades as standard equipment on the 2014 model, except for the ceramic brakes, due to their cost.
It just starts to get silly when these so-called performance packages become options. I think it is much better to keep is simple.

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