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Sizing up Tires but Spacers are tricky

I'm going to be sizing up on my tires (275/305) from the OEM specs, but I'd like to also space out my stock 343M wheels.

The plan is go with IND's (Future Classic) 10/12mm spacers, but not sure which one should go on the front vs. rear given the size up on Tires.

Secondly, there all this jargon about three depth, and opened lugs/studs/nuts etc. that I'm getting confused on -- so need some help.

1. Do i need to purchase lug extensions (if so, what MM) to accommodate project Kix -- as in do I need a ( lug extension? If so how do I spec out the thread pitch and stud length.

2. These are the Lugs I'd like ( but not sure if the 54mm will work with the spacers (either 10/12mm).


3. FC has these ( for sale but Money2536 had some issues with implementing the Lugs because the future classic studs with the kit are too short? If so, will 80mm work?

Thanks for all the help.

Cheers and have an Excellent Day!