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Originally Posted by Mark333032 View Post
I'm passing on a little tip here which I was given from the BMW coding site **************. It may only apply to UK cars but here it is anyway

I had an annoying fault whereby at random times on startup an "SOS Call System Failure" message would pop up. Seems this is quite a common problem here in the UK at least. A coder wanted £60 to code it out but after posting a question on the ********* site, I was given the solution.

You need the Bimmercode app (cost about £30) and a bluetooth ODBII port dongle (I use a Vgate iCar Pro which cost about £20). I already had both anyway and had used it to code out stop/start and to turn the radio off when you open the driver door.

Open the Bimmercode app and go to Instrument Cluster/Expert Mode/3301 CC_ID_Sperre/CC_ACTIVIERUNG_5/Custom Value. You should see 'FF' listed in Bytes 0 to 7. Scroll to Byte 5 and change it from FF to F7 and press 'Done'.

Then back out to the 'Instrument Cluster' menu and hit 'Code'. The 'SOS Call System Failure' message is now gone and has stayed gone this last week. The only thing the car asked me to do was reset time. Nothing else was impacted.
Got myself the VeePeak BLE+ and Bimmercode, but I canít seem to find ď3301ď under Instrument Cluster/Expert Mode.

I understand itís probably due to yours being a 6 series. Anybody know how to do this on a 1 series E82? This is the only thread that comes up when I search for coding SOS with bimmercode.