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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
bmw pricing is getting out of hand. do they just throw a number out there and go "im sure that will be fine"

$5K extra for a heated steering wheel and other accessories that at this level should be standard.
Originally Posted by Mako View Post
So loaded (without Ceramic brakes) its $130K. Add some extended leather and ceramic brakes and we are $145K-$150K.

I really like the M6GC, but would take a Panamera 4S with lots of options at those prices.

now if I had $115K-$120K to spend but also would like to save a few grand, the CLS63 AMG is a no brainer. Sure the outside styling needs some help, but for $20K I could look past that,

My question is, what does this mean for the future M4GC? Are we going to be looking at $90K fully loaded? for an I6 engine, yikes! Porsche needs to release the PAJUN ASAP.
How else is BMW going to control the over populated, over common and almost watered-down brand?
BMW's are becoming much too common. I've been screaming this for a while. They're everywhere. I know BMW is no Ferrari or Lamborghini but everyone and their mama has one, i see almost 25 to 30 F10's on my way to work. E90's? forget it, every other car is a f**king E90. It feels so good when i see a an Audi, Honda or Toyota. SERIOUSLY!! (this is not a joke).

So i guess BMW can continue increasing their price to give their brand some uniqueness.

but the //M6 GC is still better looking than Panamera, CLS or the awful A7.