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Originally Posted by S65-M3
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Intercity Lines, Reliable Auto Transport, and JP Logistics are the most consistently recommended in the MANY threads that already exist on this subject and that would have turned up had you Googled "auto shipping" or similar.

And yes, JP Logistics handled shipping for the most recent Gold Rush Rally on the leg of the trip that the participants took by plane. I watched them unload Aventadors, Veyrons, etc.
Yes, I've seen these threads and I agree that they are the most recommended here. But they are not cost effective for me. If I will pay 2k for shipping it, I am better off selling it and buying another one when I settle down
If $2K isn't cost-effective for you, then you're probably better off driving or else paying someone else to do so. The less reputable shipping companies subcontract out to God knows who and then it can become difficult to track your car, find out what's going on if they're late on pickup or delivery, or make a claim if there's an incident. But there's no logic whatsoever in your idea of selling locally and buying another one when you get where you're going. You're very unlikely to find the exact car you want if you're on any kind of timeframe, and even if you did, the chances of your total cost on that whole exercise being less than the marginal cost of a better shipping company are zero. Sales tax alone will likely be more than that assuming you're going somewhere that has it, and then there's PPI and registration costs and whatever maintenance might happen to be due on the next car. Unless of course you buy a lesser valued M3 the next time around.

But that said, if an extra $1K or so over what you would be willing to pay for shipping is a dealbreaker, make sure you never own an M3 out of warranty. And probably keep a close eye on your tire tread depth and rotor thickness so you can plan way ahead for those too....
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