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Originally Posted by M__3__R__A__G__E View Post
Shipping something as expensive and delicate as your M3 is not something I would look at from a "what's cheapest" perspective. You want to ensure that your investment arrives safely and soundly at the destination with no hassles. I would contact JP Logistics & Motorsports. They are trusted to handle and transport some of the most expensive cars known to man. I know for a fact they would take perfect and meticulous care of transporting your M3 across the country.
I appreciate your opinion M3Rage. As much as I know M3 is expensive car to others, for me it is normal fun car that I like to drive. I also wouldn't also consider it an investment as it is a depreciating asset.

By all means I am not saying I will through my car anywhere for cheapest option, but in same time I am not looking to invest in 2k or even 1.5K for shipping a car. I would like something reasonable