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finally after three months...Delivery

thank you for the responses to my previous thread.

RPB1 - A huge beemer fan indeed, infact maybe a little obsessive

Every time i change cars i look at other brands however i still end up buying another BMW. When i purchased by 535d i seriously considered a Jag, as lovely as they are it was no match for the 535. Not long before your cars arrive, there is nothing like taking delivery of a brand new car its very addictive but i love it!

le-Mans was my first X5, I'm now onto my 5th currently driving 4.0d MSport which is an amazing piece of kit.

Back to the 6series....I finally took delivery yesterday, not the best day as the weather was appalling

I absolutely adore the white and black contrast it looks amazing, my 40mile detour home was through country roads and what amazed me the most was how refined the car felt, the engine sounded more like a petrol car than a diesel especially in the sports setting. I was expecting it to be very similar to my 535d in terms of performance and handling but its completely different. I will post some more photos once the sun comes out

Compared to some of the US spec cars, i have gone with only the bare minimum options. 20" wheels was a must have as it completes the look of the car, Comfort access should be standard on a 70k+ car but it was a 700 option, Reverse assist camera worth every penny... and thats about it. In fairness the M Sport comes with very good standard spec. Ideally i would have liked LED lights 1,600 and the leather dash 1,000 but i just could not justify spending that sort of money as its very unlikely i will keep the car for more than 18mths
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