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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
I dont expect the M6GC to sell well either, and I dont think the pricing chart listed above is correct. While the non-Ms may follow that path, BMW has consistently said the M6GC will be top of the line M, the flagship so to speak, so it will be the most expensive. If it is true that it will have the additional bump in power, that will justify the MSRP higher than the M6cabrio to begin with. Also, they may package the car with additional special options and individual features which may further increase the list prices.

Regarding the comments on the 6er coupe vs 5er sedan, these are different cars, and much more than just cosmetic and two less doors. The M6 is a more agile car, and drives much better than the M5 with a much more agressive tune that cannot be overlooked. It weighs less and is better proportioned. In terms of egonomics, its no comparison, the M6 is designed to wrap around the driver while the M5 is basic in its layout design. They are complete different cars. However, talking about the GC, that is where you get things turned around again. This is more comparable to the 5er, than the 6er, imo. The GC is heavier, longer, and wider than both 5er and 6er, so it will be less agile regardless of any increase in power. The question that will be asked and why I note that the M6GC will not be a high volume norhigh sales car, is that when you compare it to the M5, you may be paying $25K-30K+ for the design and further exclusivity, though less agility. That is not a winning formula, and while it may look very nice in pix, the GC is a large car, and the question would always become, if you need room for 4, why not get an M5 much cheaper, and if you only need room for 2, then the M6 should be the choice. I think BMW is only fighting themselves for sales here, but time will tell.
Point well taken but on the other hand consumers- especially U.S. consumers have an undeniable thirst for unique and different......

Everyone, and I mean everyone thought the Panamera was ugly and a waste of money and yet no one doubts it now and sales are booming.

Why? A big part of it is uniqueness and the cachet that comes from that.

And a 6-series with 4 doors is VERY unique. This exclusivity alone will ensure it will have no problem from a sales perspective.

Still, 125-135K for an M6GC is a weeeee bit of a stretch.