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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
I dont expect the M6GC to sell well either,
I will suggest that you may want to prepare to be proven wrong. Not that there is much preparation to do for that in general.

and I dont think the pricing chart listed above is correct. While the non-Ms may follow that path...
Regarding the 6 Series, it is all straight from BMW bro. No need for the "may" unless you are taking up an argument with the mothership. Feel free to do so if you think it prudent.

The M6 coupe and convertible prices are also correct. The M6 GC is obviously my guess. I'll bet I'm right, but if I am wrong it will be for any of the reasons I already suggested as disclaimers in my post and you merely reiterated in your follow-up. There is really nothing more to debate about that, but thanks for your comments.

Regarding the comments on the 6er coupe vs 5er sedan, these are different cars, and much more than just cosmetic and two less doors.
They are no different than a 5 and 6GC, other than the lack of the two doors as I already mentioned. Again, throwing the two doors back in will absolutely not kill the success of the M6 GC by any reasonable deduction. You will see this pan out soon.

The M6 is a more agile car, and drives much better than the M5 with a much more agressive tune that cannot be overlooked.
If that is the truth, and it may well be, then the M6 GC will almost surely feature the same improvements as well. They will not remove content from the GC vs. the coupe simply because it has more doors.

The M6 GC will weigh slightly more than an M6 coupe and less than an M6 convertible. No argument there. And it will thus be no less an M6 than the convertible is today and has always been, and no less deserving of the price premium for its added content vs. the coupe than the convertible commands successfully today. The whole picture is quite clear to me, and the whole program seems very well thought out and put together. People who are doubting the success of this product lineup might just have personal reasons for doing so, but then again maybe not. In any case, I would suggest those people not take their bets to Vegas, because you will be throwing away great money that could otherwise have been put toward a new M6, or perhaps some other BMW or luxury car more to your liking.