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Anyone playing with electronic health gadgets at home?

Fitbit seems to be introducing additional non-pay features. Sleeping breathing rate and skin temperature while sleeping are new data I have noticed. Not sure what these are useful for - does anyone know? The "help" information on Fitbit is useless. They are steering a very wide berth around giving any "insights" or "advice" to avoid (I assume) litigation.

The Kardia device is pretty cool. Very easy to use. They also offer a 6 lead device for $149, not sure what health insights that can provide over the single lead device for $89.

I do a monthly BP reading, which is interesting to see if/how it changes. I learned that body posture (sitting, standing, lying down) has a large affect on BP. I have standardized my body position and am getting more consistent data.

Anyone else data junkies in the home health domain?
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