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Originally Posted by RRedline View Post
I was down in San Jose last night on top of a large hill looking towards the northwest sky at 9:15 pm which was supposed to be peak brightness. There was a low wall of haze along the horizon and I have to presume the comet was behind it because I never saw anything. Was planning to try again over the next few nights.

How did you avoid the haze?
Sorry you missed it. Definitely try again tonight. It's pretty cool.

I live in the East Bay on a hillside with a clear view to the West and North. There was very little haze here last night so I was lucky.

Tonight, try going out a little later. At 9:15 pm is too soon since the sky is still too light to make it out. I set my alarm for 9pm and went out every 10 minutes. It wasn't until after 9:30pm that I could actually see it. The photo I posted was taken at 9:38pm.

Look for the Big Dipper and then start looking down toward the horizon. I've got a good pair of binoculars. That helps a lot.

Good luck.
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