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Originally Posted by Judah
Originally Posted by MI6
the question is not so much whether the M6GC will be worth the money as much as will people go out and spend that much money for a BMW.............
Why not ?
Why would spending "that much money" on a Porsche be a better spend than on a BMW ?
In fact, I'd rather spend that much money on a BMW rather than a Porsche especially in the case of the GC vs Panamera. That however, is my personal taste.

Originally Posted by MI6
BTW.......One clue to this could be M6 Vert. sales. If one does a search for them on you can find a LOT of them unsold-not a good sign.
That can be said for a number of high end cars from a number of manufacturers. There are quite a few R8's including GT's available online and sitting on showroom floors and the GT was reported as sold out....
Think better before posting.

The R8 has been out for years now- the GT for at least a year- so yes, one would expect quite a few used examples and new to be up for sale.

But the M6 vert has been on sale here for 3 WEEKS! yet there are more than plenty available. PROBABLY NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Again, I think it is an awesome car.
Just saying I don't think the American consumer considers BMW in the same class as Porsche so this could be a problem.

Now China- that's a whole other story and clearly Munich does not have to worry about US sales as much due to growth in other markets.

Put down the cool-aid Judah. I like BMW as much as anyone else on this forum- I just question the wisdom of it's price point.......
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