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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Of course you realize that will likely be a 2012 event now, given the quake and tsunami disruption of supplies. In a normal cycle you'd expect an announcement Aug/Sep, early availability for the connected and obsessive by late Nov, early Dec and the masses could buy early in the year. Now you need to move at least the delivery part of the timeline back a good six-months.

What do you think it's going to do that it doesn't do now. I'd bet that the main improvements will be in video interface and performance in video mode. It's a breakthrough camera in that regard and they'll want to put it back in the lead and continue the usage by video pros. I doubt that we'll gain much in still IQ. AF may improve, up to or near the 7D level, but that's only important if you shoot nature and sports with the 5D, which most do not, since the 7D or 1D MkIV is generally considered better for that.

Unless you're a videophile, I think now is the time to buy.
i disagree with you about the AF...better AF is ALWAYS useful. the AF on the 5Dii is downright pitiful. More focus points and more accuracy will be welcomed.
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