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Originally Posted by Ronstein View Post
Welcome Rob

Totally agree about the 6GT, it's a real jack of all trades. Effectively a 7 series hatchback. More loadspace than an X3 or 5 Touring (which was my other option). Comfort, refinement and equipment is exceptional. i've gone the other way on power and economy though. Diesel being demonised by UK governments having encouraged us all into them, I decided to go the petrol route so I've gone from a 46 mpg diesel to a 30 mpg petrol (which is still pretty good for a large 340bhp car!)

Hope you got a good deal! Pre-reg and pre-owned 6GT's are ridiculously cheap. mine was ex BMW, 6 months old with 4.5k miles and I paid 30k under list.
Hi there, Yes I am aware of the diesel issues. That's partly why I went for the "most green" option. I paid 35,000 for mine, book price was 48,000. I looked online and I could get ones closer to 30k, even much higher specs (x drive etc) with the 620D being similar to the 640's....Crazy. But I am very particular with the options I want, so I have done a factory order as there were none around - at least I can ensure it's been run in correctly. Thats what I tell myself anyway!!

Running costs and depreciation - small change compared to the M5. I estimate in 5 years, I will sell it for 12k. Thats 23k deprecation not bad when you consider the M5 will have lost 60k +.