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Ordered my 6 Series GT

HI All

Ordered my 6 series GT. Bit of an unusual one. I currently have an F10 M5 and moving to a 620D. Around a 400bhp power difference. The M5 did 24mpg, this does around 58mpg on the same routes.

I came to the conclusion the overcrowded, pothole ridden crap UK roads, means I can't use the M5 power, plus the fact I have a baby, and doing more miles, I wanted to take a chill pill and slow everything down in comfort. Besides I still get my speed thrills in my track car......

Here is my spec:

620D SE
Glacier silver
18" alloys 648 spec
Heated steering wheel
Heated rear seats
HK stereo
ACC Cruise control
Headlight washers
Night Vision
Soft close doors
Galvanised finish on a switches

Probably the only one in the UK with this spec! It all started when my M5 broke down. I have a 620D hire car and I loved it - massive, and so comfortable. Not that fast, but fast enough. The ACC was amazing (great for busy UK roads). So I fell in love with this unusual car.

I think this car is brilliant - it may not be stunning to look at, it may not have the mass market appeal of an X5, X6 or 5 Series Estate etc etc, people ask why? when you say you own one. A lot of people don't even know what it is when they see it. But these are the things I love about it so much. It's a niche offering for people that like to be different in the least ostentatious way.


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