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Originally Posted by Reeses83
Thanks for your help. I will have to do some research on the LED lights to see if I should get them or not. If it's not any better than I could use that money on adaptive drive or just save the the money. The LED's do have a wow factor though. I used to have a 2012 CLS and the LED lights looked really nice. Unfortunately I got rid of the CLS because I was saving up for a house and thought the E550 coupe would do the trick but it definitely doesn't. I guess that's what I get for buying on impulse!
You are most welcome! The adaptive drive does improve the ride over uneven roads. Gives you and your passengers the feeling of floating over them, assuming the potholes are not too severe. You will also experience reduced roll during cornering maneuvers. Overall, you get a much more controlled and even ride.

It is a tough choice choosing between the Adaptive Drive, LED Lights and B&O. Unfortunately, none of these items can be easily retrofitted. If you have any specific questions or need close-up pictures of any of the details, feel free to ask.

I am aware it is not a very scientific approach but it sometimes help to just go with your emotions after you have done all your research and are still undecided. All the best with your selection. Do share your final configuration.

P.S. In my humble opinion, the LEDs on the 6er are way better designed than those on the CLS. Yes, I AM biased!