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Originally Posted by MARKPRIOR View Post
+1 one for the colour and the state it was in when i bought mine, below just after i got mine corrected and in the bright sunshine. its an amazing colour in the right conditions.

Chrome handles should go also, did my own carbon wrap.

looking at yours though i now have M6 envy lol
Nice to see another RBM! How difficult was doing the wrap? I've only ever tried to do wrap a couple times, and honestly i screwed up wrapping the RK filters (the chrome tops) so bad I just took it to a professional to do them in matte black.

The other things I still have after the performance shop upgrades are re-doing the tint, going to Prime XR Plus (blocks all heat) and then having that shop put a clear protector film on the headlights as well. After that, honestly i don't even know what i'd do next. Think i may be close to done and will have to start on another project... heh