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Originally Posted by Killed by Death View Post
Didn't they [Rolex] stop making them? Or are they just rare?
the way my AD explained it to me was that Rolex isn't currently accepting new orders because they are so backlogged with orders going back at least 3 years. a customer can put in a request for a certain model, but the only time it'll get fulfilled is if Rolex just happens to make that model based on the availability of component/parts, which was already an issue before the pandemic. it's worse now. the reason why some have been waiting years for certain models is because Rolex doesn't have the parts to make those while they have the parts to make other models.

my AD put in a request for two watches back in January for me and my wife. he wouldn't even take a deposit, because he didn't know when they would become available. (he has one customer who's been waiting since November 2019 for his particular model.) luckily a couple weeks ago, my wife's became available from Rolex so he grabbed it immediately and contacted me. she's beyond happy! I'm still waiting for mine (2021 Wimbledon).
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