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Originally Posted by Luftpost View Post
Regarding the oil quantity. I am unaware of any way to manually check the level. Would it not be prudent to just drain whatever oil is in it, and then refill with some fresh oil, up to the correct quantity? That way at least you know that you have oil in it.

My .02 on the Aux Radiator.... If you can bypass it, then there should be no harm in test running the motor (after the above oil procedure). Radiators are meant to cool the coolant. You can monitor this digitally via the double secret
test mode and shutoff motor if need be.

That is how I would do it anyway.....

There is a M6 specific sub thread on this forum which may be a bit more direct in getting you help with the car. The thread you posted on is fine, but the M6 would be even better.


Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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