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I hope everyone doesn't hate me, but I don't think this is even contest (unless speed is the issue). The R8 hands down. The M6 is the fastest (unless you possibly get the v10 in the R8), but the 6 series (even the M6) won't have the allure of the other two. No offense, but these other two are cars people buy to standout. I bought my 650 because it blended in. If you valet park these, the order would be R8, GT, then M6. Maybe I'm bias on the Maserati, because my best friend has one. I don't think they are that special. Not super fast, been around for awhile, cheap enough where too many people seem to have them. Plus, don't hold their value. Granted, the R8 has been around awhile, but they seem much rarer. There is just something unique about it that you don't get with a lot of other cars, without really spending a lot. I think they drive great and are comfortable. Resale, the 2008 R8s are still around $100,000. I don't think the R8 resale will continue as well as it has in the past, but it will destroy the M6 and GT. With that said, I'd still buy an M6 if it was me, but my guess is you are going for a car that stands out. The 6 series is absolutely beautiful, but for the time period I owned it almost no one seemed to even know what it was (other than a BMW). The R8 just looks like a super car.