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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
so I see that 5-40 shears down to a 30 weight oil at all temps. What do you think regarding cold flow properties?

What do you think of your moly reading? All the OEM 0-30 reports show double the count of moly in the oil than Liqui Moly 5-40.
with the oils both being a 5W rated oil i would say they have very similar cold flow properties. I would say the 30 will have better cold flow as it has less friction modifiers in it than a 40 weight. I don't really drive my car in cold climates though under freezing, I get close to it about 40F, but never really drive below freezing and if I do, I have the car parked in a garage to keep it around 40F anyways.

The purpose of molybdenum is to provide a dry friction material, and its counted as a wear agent. the reason i see the moly oil having less of it in the oil that is drained is because the moly is actually micro polishing the metals. that is both good and bad. you want the metal to be rough enough for oil to stick and grab on, while being still smooth for low friction. its bad for moly to over micro polish because then the oil never actually grabs the metal and its is just the molybdenum finish that is the lubricant.

Seeing the lower levels of molybdenum would indicate to me there is low cold start wear occurring since molybdenum is typically worn in the cold start segment of oil lubrication. I am no expert in this stuff, but that is what i have come across in my research thus far.
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